Visit Dedza

Township Market

The market in Dedza Township offers the visitor opportunities for interesting purchases. It is a bustling market for local people. No particular section is set aside for tourist items and you will have to hunt among the stalls selling clothing, household goods, vegetables and hardware. Even if nothing is bought, a visit to the market is an interesting experience.

crafts cloth

There are stalls selling beautiful cloth, both Malawian and imported Tanzanian. This can be taken to a tailor in the Township to get an item of clothing made up in a couple of days. Other stalls sell straw hats and mats. Simply decorated clay cooking pots, wooden spoons and sweeping brooms make good household ornaments. The local tinsmiths have an eye catching collection of shiny buckets and watering cans.

The market is situated nearer the southern end the Dedza Township road south of the hospital. It is open all day but starts to close down at 4pm.